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“How did you start iOS development?” I have been asked this question many times and I thought it would be beneficial to write list of things that helped me throughout my journey as an iOS developer.

I think being a constant learner is important in any industry but it’s absolutely crucial in tech, however sometimes it is a brake to productivity. My first step to becoming an iOS developer was having an idea and the will to implement it. I would recommend starting your project instantly, even though you have very little idea of developing for iOS, you can start by looking up things that you actually need in your project, learn them and implement them. That way as your project gets bigger you will be challenged to learn more about design patterns, architecture, etc. I also believe surrounding yourself in an iOS developer community, listening to different podcasts, following other iOS developers in social media and generally being involved could be beneficial.

Below there is a list which helped me a lot (and still helping) to learn iOS development:

Youtube channels:

  1. Lets build that app
  2. Sean Allen
  3. Paul Hudson
  4. Brian Advent


  1. Swift by Sundell
  2. Hacking with Swift
  3. Use your loaf
  4. NSHipster
  5. Ray Wenderlich


  1. Swift by Sundell
  2. Swift Unwrapped
  3. Swift over coffee

I am certain that there are so many other amazing sources that I am not aware of, please do not hesitate to let me know in social media so I can them to this list.

Thanks for reading.